RVK Uutiset, B2B Visibility and Presice Targeting 

- - etusivut-5_2011.jpgIt's been a hard winter in Finland this year. We are experiencing huge temperature gaps between North and South within days and even hours. Batteries, heaters, lights and winter tires are the bestsellers. 

Retailers and customers are seeking quality products at budget price. Workshops are looking for bargains. RVK Uutiset B2B magazine targets various groups, including retailers and workshops, distributors and aftersales. Establish your products known in Finland by advertising in RVK Uutiset, specialist magazine for motor vehicle aftersales and tire retail, B2B.

We offer 15% off media rates for regular advertisers and extra discounts to serial campaigners. Please, do not hesitate to e-mail a proposal request and inquire your own copy of RVK Uutiset. Contact perston is Mrs Valentina Ahlavuo, Editor, Automediat RVK Uutiset, direct cell +358 40 708 6469, e-mail: automediat@automediat.com


Updated 25.01.2018

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